Evolution Capital Group is regarded as a top tier provider of business working capital since it was founded in 2015 with over $700 Million dollars funded to date. Considered as a modern day financier, catering to an underserved but yet abundant marketplace of entrepreneurs, Evolution takes pride in long term relationships over anything. We help our clients by staying nimble and creative, offering business funding products up to $10 million dollars for any stage of the business life cycle. Funding facilities involving real estate or significant asset based collateral have no dollar amount limits within our capital group’s capabilities.

Founder, RJ Anthony Aggarwal, was a young CPA when he formed Evolution Capital Group in 2015. Mr. Aggarwal graduated with honors from Queens College in New York and majored in Corporate Finance, Economics, and Accounting. Prior experience and extensive relationships built as an ambitious entrepreneur paved the path ahead.  It was during his time within the Investment Management group of PricewaterhouseCoopers, New York City  where Mr. Aggarwal was encouraged to make the leap into forming a capital group to serve entrepreneurs and investors alike.  The Capital Group formed had an immediate edge over the competition, simply by delivering quality results with a strategic transparent approach for clients and investors.

The talented advisors and investors of Evolution Capital Group are carefully selected, setting the standard for ethical high performing professionals. As entrepreneurs themselves, with experience across many various industries including accounting, real estate, development, healthcare, technology, service, manufacturing, e-commerce, private equity, and venture capital; the Evolution Capital Group team is well prepared and effective at overcoming the challenges that come with financing any type of legal business. Clients served typically have 2 million to 500 million dollars in annual revenue. Expert advisors of Evo Capital Group work closely and diligently with businesses that can either be small and lean or large expansive companies. While Leveraging the financial resources, vast network, and partner relationships of the capital group, clients experience superior quality of service, reliable funding, and a family orientated feel to doing business with Evolution.

Evolution Capital Group is here to serve, grow and improve daily. We aim to be positively significant and are honored with each opportunity we are given.